by devi beloved

palfry aspect! sinuous strand! & the ravelling moments, the slipped & dintersected metaphors & poultry yellowing neologarithms (genetically commodified) have brought us dithering, at last length lovelylocks, to the terms of closure // you have travelled so many journeys through the daily practice; it’s a marvel your cameltoe’s still shoestrapped, that the hand’s still heavylaying topheady in herculaneum // her fingers drop away from the freight of it all // mountaintop, & downstream, the diametric’s a dunshaft pickle of burbaged misconsideration // dear witherface, i am shivering from your phlegmatic incruence, one more & ever yet again: so you caused me to do this, & i lived through it & learned about its nature all & nothing, time & future danceparties (to the grave, nothing) guised in homonid dagrags as a needy fixture // on her back tit & top heavy, blood & boys dribbling out on the rag, what a plugnugger & a do-much mag it has covered — she’s cluttering her mind, she’s too well-read, but brilliantly fed eh — eh! // coming down fast // i won’t miss you ’cause i made you & you know what? it never was real // time for a liedown //